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Red & Yellow are here

By July 13, 2017August 4th, 2017No Comments

Did you know that July is actually Chocolate Month? Well it is and World Brands in the love with random acts of kindness and What’s for Dessert executions at the Gleaner Company offices yesterday.

Our favourite M & M’s red and yellow came along with the team to share their chocolate goodness. They danced their way through the aisles and into our hearts. They also brought with them sweet treats, and Chocolate Dreams showed us a different way to enjoy these treats by creating a M & M Chocolate Cake and M & M truffles to show the versatility of these sweet treats.

The cake tasted as though you were biting into a chocolate bar and with the M&M topping you will just drift away to chocolate heaven. You can bring out the baker in you by trying these decadent recipes on your own.