Glade Xmas Flava

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Purchase any two Glade X-Mas Flava products and enter for a chance to Sprint for 20K!

Glade X-Mas Flava Promotion


Contestants are required to purchase any 2 Glade X-Mas Flava (spray, candle, plugin) products for a chance to win a $20,000 grocery voucher or a consolation prize valued at $6000. On the back of the receipt. Entries can be submitted in 1 or 4 ways:
  1. Write your name and contact number on the back of your receipt and place it in the drop boxes provided in participating stores.
  2. Mail to “Glade- X-Mas Flava” Lot 1, Bernard Lodge Estate Salt Pond Road, P.O. Box 460 Spanish Town, St. Catherine, OR 73 Harbour Street Kingston.
  3. Take a picture of your receipt and upload it to or
  4. Send your receipt via WhatsApp to 876 250-7328 with the captioned “Glade X-Mas Flava”


• Persons may enter as many times as they wish but is only eligible for one prize.
• 1 glade product must be included in the winner’s voucher usage.
• Winners will be required to participate in advertising and public relations campaigns whether in electronic, print, or other media and automatically agree to have their likeness appear in any PR communication.
• Employees of Grace Kennedy Group and World Brands Services are not eligible for entry to the draws.
• Prizes are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash
• Consumers must be 18 years and older to enter.

Participating Stores

  1. Progressive Foods Portmore Pines, St. Catherine
  2. Lee`s Food Fair Red Hills Road, Kingston
  3. Lee`s Food Fair Boulevard Shopping Centre
  4. Azan`s Shopping Center Cross Roads
  5. Progressive Foods Whitter Village, Montego Bay
  6. Progressive Foods Bogue, Montego Bay
  7. Joong`s 68 Newland Rd, Bridgeport, Portmore
  8. General Foods 134 Old Hope Road, Liguanea Plaza
  9. Progressive Foods Manchester Shopping Centre
  10. John R Wong Liguanea
  11. Hi-Lo Food Store Liguanea Plaza Kingston 5
  12. Hi-Lo Food Store Cross Roads
  13. Hi-Lo Food Store 184 Constant Spring Road, Manor Park Constant Spring
  14. Hi-Lo Food Store LOJ Shopping Centre, Spanish Town
  15. Brooklyn Supermarket Twin Gates