• How to enter
  • Locations


  • Consumers will be required to purchase any 2 boxes Soyfresh 1L products
  • On the back of the receipt, write your name and telephone number
  • Place receipt in drop box provided or place in an envelope and mail to:
    “Eat Wise. Drop a Size”. World Brands Services, P.O. Box 460 Spanish Town,
    St. Catherine or 73 Harbour Street, Kingston


  • Promotion runs February 6 – April 3, 2020
  • Grand Prize draw: April 24, 2020
  • Only Soyfresh 1 litre products are eligible for the promotion which is distributed by World Brands Services
    • Soyfresh Soya Milk, Soya Milk Chocolate, Soya Milk Malt, Soya Milk Strawberry, Soya Milk Cappuccino,
      Soya Milk with Calcium, Soya Milk Low Sugar with Calcium, Coconut Soya Milk,
      Homesoy Soya Milk Honey Melon, Homesoy Soya Milk Original.
  • Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • The promotion is open to all consumers except employees of GraceKennedy group
    and World Brands Services
  • Grand Prize draw will take place at World Brands Services, Lot 1, Bernard Lodge Estate Salt Pond Road,
    P.O. Box 460 Spanish Town, St. Catherine on April 24, 2020 at 11:00a.m.
  • World Brands Services will notify the prize winners a total of 5 times via telephone, within a 3-Hour period.
  • A total of 10 entries will be drawn. The first 3 will be selected for the Grand prize and the subsequent
    7 for the consolation prize. An additional 10 entries will be drawn as back-up winners. The first 3 will be
    for the Grand Prize winners and the following 7 will be for the consolation prize winners. If the prize winners
    cannot be contacted or fail to claim their prizes, the backup winner will be promoted accordingly.
    Prizes are allocated according to how they are drawn. Prize winners once notified should claim prize
    within a 1 month period or prizes will be forfeited and retained by the company
    World Brands Services ownership of the prizes end once it is handed over to the prize winners
  • To collect prize, winners must provide a valid Passport, National ID or Driver’s License
  • Promotion is open to consumers 18 years and over
  • Winners agree to have their likeness appear on any advertsing or promotional campaign


• Lee’s supermarket (Red Hills Road, Kingston) • Lee’s supermarket (Boulevard Super Centre, Kingston) • Megamart Supermarket (29 Upper Waterloo Road, Kgn. 10) • Megamart Supermarket (Lot 2 Bloomfield, Mandeville)
• Megamart Supermarket (Lot A-e Portmore, St. Catherine) • Shopper’s Fair S/Market (Brunswick, Spanish Town) • Megamart Supermarket (101a-101b Catherine Hall, Montego Bay) • Shopper’s Fair S/Market (West Gate Mobay)
• Hi-lo Supermarket (184 Constant Spring Rd., Manor Park Plaza) • Brooklyn Supermarket (Twin Gates Plaza) • National Wholesale ( Brooksedge Avenue, May Pen)• Shopper’s Fair S/Market (Burke Road, Spanish Town )
• Shopper’s Fair S/Market (Whitter Village, Montego Bay) • New Champion S/Market (Buckfield Estate, Ocho Rios) • Hi-Lo Supermarket (Loj Shopping Centre, Spanish Town) • Hi-Lo Supermarket (Shop 1 Plaza De Negril)
• Hi-Lo Supermarket (Liguanea Plaza, Kingston 5) • Hi-Lo Supermarket (Pavillion Plaza, 13 Constant Spring Rd., Kgn. 10) • Hi-Lo Supermarket (87 3/4 Barbican Road, Kingston 8) • Progressive Foods (Portmore Pines, St. Catherine)
• General Foods S/market (134 Old Hope Rd., Liguanea Plaza) • Consumer Meat Plus (Barnett Street, Montego Bay) • Supervalu Supermarket (Manning’s Hill Road, Kingston) • Shopper’s Fair S/market (Portmore Mall, St. Catherine)
• Shopper’s Fair S/market (Bogue Plaza, Montego Bay) • Shopper’s Fair S/market (Hope Road, Kingston 6, Liguanea) • Shopper’s Fair S/market (Caledonia Road, Mandeville) • Shopper’s Fair S/market (Unit 9 Eight Rivers Town Centre, Ocho Rios)
• Rexo S/Market (128 Main Street, Ocho Rios) • Shopper’s Fair S/market (33-35 Beckford Street, Sav.) • Shopper’s Fair S/market (Harbour View Shppg Centre, Kingston 17) • Joong Supermarket (68 Newland Road, Bridgeport, St. Catherine)
• Sovereign Supermarket (Sovereign Plaza, 106 Hope Rd., Kingston 6) • TSO’s Supermarket (St. Ann’s Bay)

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