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Not only do you love your cat’s independent spirit, but you also want to give her the best possible care. Because her nutritional needs will change throughout her life the Whiskas range offers delicious meals specially formulated to give your cat the diet she needs, at the age she needs it: up to 12 months old, one year plus, and over seven years.

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The WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition is owned and operated by Mars, Incorporated. As a global leader in advanced pet care research and companion animal nutrition, the WALTHAM® Centre is the science behind all Mars Petcare pet food brands globally, including PEDIGREE® Food for Dogs.

For almost half a century, the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition has led the world in advanced pet care research and companion animal nutrition. This includes conducting research into the nutritional requirements of dogs with leading academics and pet experts globally for publication. The WALTHAM® Centre is responsible for the science behind all Mars Petcare pet food brands, including PEDIGREE® Food for Dogs. This helps in the development of the Brand’s best dry recipe ever, and provides all dogs with access to professional nutrition. Watch video

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Cleaning your dogs face and Eyes

Cleaning Your Dog’s Face and Eyes

Dog faces can be cute, adorable, joyful, soulful, noble, and commanding. They are capable of communicating a wide range of emotions. And they have the power to look deeply into our souls and touch us on an elementary level. They are also prone to attracting schmutz and getting dirty.


Bathtime Made Easy

Bath Time Made Easy (Really!)

For some dog owners, bath time is pure canine chaos. One minute your pooch is calm, then, when he sees the shampoo and grooming tools, he becomes a running, squirming, shaking mess.


How Can I get rid of Dog Breath

How Can I Get Rid of Dog Breath?

Do you think your dog’s bad breath is just what a dog’s breath smells like? There’s good news: Dog breath doesn’t have to send you running away from your pet. Here are some steps you can take to freshen up the situation.


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