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For that moment when you need it most, Lucozade Energy is about living life to the fullest. Originally launched in 1927 as a health drink, Lucozade Energy has evolved into a fun, vibrant brand that is enjoyed by a wide variety of consumers to give them the fuel and energy when they need it.

Available in a wide variety of great-tasting flavours including Lucozade Tropical, Lucozade Orange and Lucozade Wildberry.

Whatever you do, do it with energy…

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In healthy individuals water makes up to approximately 50 – 60% of total body mass and plays a critical role in almost all physiological functions, from ensuring normal cognitive function to helping cool you down during exercise.

We should aim to consume 2 litres of water daily however there is an increased importance whilst undertaking regular training and extra fluids may be required.

During exercise it is important to stay hydrated. Understanding when and what to drink during exercise and putting into practice what you know can help you to get the most out of your workout. Follow our guide below to find out more about how you can optimise your hydration strategy.

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