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Guaranteed lactose-free cheese that provides all the goodness of the pure and natural New Zealand’s Diary. Designed specifically for those that are lactose intolerant our Zero Lacto cheese provides a source of dairy protein and calcium, meaning you enjoy all the goodness and benefits of dairy as part of a healthy diet. 
Soft and creamy texture with mild to medium flavour. deal for slicing, melting and grilling. Great as a light and healthy alternative ( less fat and high in protein ).
One of New Zealand’s favourite cheeses, naturally aged up to 18 months. An award winner with a distinctively sharp flavour. Ideal to add extra intense flavour to your dishes! Excellent for a table of cheese. Extremely delicious!
Mild unique flavour with a creamy texture. Ideal for slicing, melting, grating and grilling. High in protein with reduced-fat. Ideal for salads or eat alone as a snack.


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